Other publications

  • Rineke Verbrugge, Denken over denken over denken: logica en sociale cognitie
    ("Thinking about thinking about thinking: Logic and social cognition"). Inaugural lecture as chair of Logic and Cognition, University of Groningen, May 25, 2010.
    You can download the text (in Dutch) here.
    You can download the illustrations here.

  • Commissie Organisatiestructuur Cognitiewetenschappen (H. Bekkering, C.M. Jonker, K. Stenning, R. Verbrugge et al.).
    Van moleculen tot mensen: Over the toekomst van de cognitiewetenschappen
    in Nederland. Amsterdam, KNAW, 2008. (Advisory report about the future
    of the cognitive sciences in the Netherlands, invited by the Royal Academy of Sciences,
    presented to several cabinet ministers and academic leaders in April 2008; in Dutch.) Download pdf

  • Designated commentator on S.N. Artemov, Modal logic and mathematics, in: P. Blackburn, J.F.A.K. van Benthem and F. Wolter, Handbook of Modal Logic, Elsevier series Studies in Logic and Practical Reasoning, Elsevier, 2007.

  • Karin Zondervan, Mindreading en pragmatisch redeneren voor gevorderden,
    Double inteview in Dutch with Petra Hendriks and Rineke Verbrugge, De Connectie, 1 (5) (2006) pp. 8-10. Download pdf

  • M. Telle and M. Tromp, Interview in Dutch with Rineke Verbrugge.
    In: Interface: Acht Portretten van Excellente Informatici, NWO, Den Haag, 2003.

  • R. Verbrugge, two tutorial guides about epistemic logic, used in addition to J.-J. Ch.
    Meyer and W. van der Hoek, Epistemic Logic for AI and Computer Science:
    *Basics: The modal approach to knowledge
    *Knowledge within a group
    Download pdf en pdf

  • W. van der Hoek and R. Verbrugge, Epistemic Logic: problems and puzzles.
    Newsletter of the Belgium-Netherlands Association for Artificial Intelligence, 18 (1) (2001) pp. 5–8.

  • E.M. van de Vrie, C.I. Bel, H. van Ditmarsch, S. Etalle, E.O. Postma, N. Roos, L.C. Verbrugge, W.Westera and A.H.D.M. van Gijsel.
    Inleiding Kennistechnologie. Werkboek, Open Universiteit Nederland, Heerlen, 1999, 180 p. Second edition 2003. (In Dutch; also available as multimedia-cd)

  • R. Verbrugge and P.S. Hasper, Review of R. Craig (ed.), The Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte, 91 (1999) pp. 294–300 (in Dutch).

  • R. Verbrugge, Review of J.-J. Ch. Meyer and W. van der Hoek, Epistemic Logic for AI and Computer Science, Journal of Symbolic Logic, 64 (1999) pp. 1837-1840. Download pdf

  • A. Berarducci and L.C. Verbrugge, On the metamathematics of weak theories. ITLI Prepublication Series for Mathematical Logic and Foundations, ML-91-02, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam, 1991.

  • L.C. Verbrugge, Sigma-completeness and bounded arithmetic. ITLI Prepublication Series for Mathematical Logic and Foundations, ML-89-05, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam, 1989.

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