PhD and MSc Students


Supervisor for PhD Students

  • blanco image

    From 2018: Atefeh Keshavarzi, on argumentation theory, decision theory and probability theory. DSSC Cofund program (with Bart Verheij)

  • Hamed_Ayoobi

    From 2018: Hamed Ayoobi, on home robotics and argumentation. DSSC Cofund program (with Bart Verheij)

  • Fransje-van-weerden

    From 2016: Fransje van Weerden, on social reasoning in animals under predation (supervision with Charlotte Hemelrijk).

  • StipePandzic

    From 2016: Stipe Pandžić, on the normativity of logic, justification logic and the logical omniscience problem (with Barteld Kooi and Allard Tamminga)

  • YuriDavidSantos

    From 2106: Yuri David Santos, on many-valued dynamic epistemic logic and the logical omniscience problem (with Barteld Kooi and Allard Tamminga)

  • Dykstra

    2008-2016: Piter Dykstra on modeling opinion dynamics in multi-agent systems (supervision with Gerard Renardel de Lavalette and Wander Jager; discontinued).

  • BurcuArslan

    2012-2017: Promotor of Burcu Arslan. PhD defence April 21, 2017, title of thesis: A Computational Cognitive Modeling Approach to the Development of Second-order Theory of Mind (with second promotor Niels Taatgen)
    Download pdf

  • CharlotteVlek

    2012-2016: Promotor of Charlotte Vlek. PhD defence October 28, 2016, title of PhD thesis: When Stories and Numbers Meet in Court: Constructing and Explaining Bayesian Networks for Criminal Cases with Scenarios (first promotor Bart Verheij; third promotor Henry Prakken, co-promotor Silja Renooij). Download thesis

  • Weerd

    2010-2015: Promotor of Harmen de Weerd. PhD defence October 2, 2015, title of thesis: If You Know What I Mean: Agent-Based Models for Understanding the Function of Higher-Order Theory of Mind (co-promotor Bart Verheij). Download thesis

  • Rodenhauser

    2009-2014: Promotor of Ben Rodenhäuser. PhD defense June 19, 2014, title of PhD thesis: A Matter of Trust: Dynamic Attitudes in Epistemic Logic (daily supervision by co-promotor Sonja Smets; other promotor Frank Veltman). Download pdf

  • Meijering

    2009-2014: Promotor of Ben Meijering. PhD defense June 6, 2014, title of PhD thesis: Reasoning About Self and Others (supervision with promotor Niels Taatgen and co-promotor Hedderik van Rijn). Download pdf

  • Vaart

    2007-2013: Promotor of Elske van der Vaart. PhD defense February 25, 2013, title of PhD thesis: A Cognitive Model of Caching by Corvids (supervision with promotor Charlotte Hemelrijk).
    The PhD thesis was awarded cum laude.
    Elske van der Vaart has been winner of an NWO Top Talent grant, 2007, and the New Investigator Award: Animal Behavior Processes of the American Psychological Association, 2012. Download pdf

  • Lobanova

    2009-2013: Promotor of Anja Lobanova.  PhD defense November 30, 2012, title of PhD thesis: The Anatomy of Antonymy: A Corpus-Driven Approach (supervision with co-promotor Jennifer Spenader). Download pdf

  • Bergfeld

    October 2010-December 2011: Promotor of Jort Bergfeld on quantum logics (daily supervision by co-promotor Sonja Smets).

  • Teepe

    2002–2007: Supervisor and co-promotor of Wouter Teepe. PhD defense January 18, 2007, title of PhD thesis: Reconciling Information Exchange and Confidentiality (promotor Lambert Schomaker). Download pdf

  • Kooi

    1999–2003: Supervisor and co-promotor of Barteld Kooi. PhD defense September 5, 2003, title of PhD thesis: Knowledge, Chance and Change (promotor Gerard Renardel). Winner of the 2004 Van Swinderen Prize. Download pdf

  • Engelfriet

    1995–1999: Supervisor and examiner of Joeri Engelfriet. PhD defense February 4, 1999, title of PhD thesis: The Dynamics of Reasoning (promotor Jan Treur). Download pdf

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